Voter Up Toolkit

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Commit to meaningful action.

Use the power of your vote to redefine our future.

Voter Up.


We, Women’s March Youth Empower and the Empower Coalition, aim to activate youth to vote in the midterm elections in numbers too great to ignore. It's time to #VoterUp. We are over 100 organizations and youth groups that are standing together to take back our future at the polls.​

This year, we #VoterUp. Join us. The Power Is Ours.

Don’t like what the current administration is defining as fair and just for our generation? VoterUp ​ Does it anger you that we worry about gun violence safety while in school? VoterUp

Do you want to have the final say about your body? VoterUp

Want to eradicate the school to prison pipeline? VoterUp

So you think immigrants deserve a chance at a better life? VoterUp


  1. ​​ Check to see if you’re registered to vote. If not, follow this easy tool to get it done. Enter your zip code and the rest is straightforward.
  2. Pledge to vote and get reminders so you never miss an election! ​​


  1. You have questions. We have answers. We partnered with Countable to provide you with answers to commonly asked questions about elections. Click here to learn about everything from why there's a two-party system to what the electoral college is.
  2. So you’re all set to vote. You have all the information. You have all the tools. You’re just waiting on the big day. Encourage your friends to join you. Find out which of your friends are not registered to vote here and give them that extra nudge.
  3. Run a voter registration drive at your school or in your community. Our #PowerToThePolls toolkit provides step-by-step guidance on how to get this done. Use #VoterUp to share your progress with us. You can also start your own online voter registration drive and become eligible for a $3000 scholarship. Apply for funding and resources for your drive here.
  4. ​Apply for a grant of up to $1000 from MTV to host a voting celebration at or near your polling location. Host it on the days leading up to Election Day to get everyone excited for the big day or plan it for Nov 6 and tell your friends to vote and join you for some fun after. Or you get to decide. Organizations can also apply! Apply here by October 5.


50 million people aren’t able to vote in the midterm elections. Through The Love Vote, they can move people to vote with love. If you can’t vote, get your loved ones to the polls by asking them to promise to vote on your behalf. Click here for more. Use #VoterUp to keep us posted on your progress.