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Live Stream your Event

Offering a Live Stream is a great way to promote and amplify your Women’s March Chapter Event.

Choosing the right platform for you Live Stream

The best way to Live Stream your event is on your Women’s March Chapter’s Facebook Page using Facebook Live. This makes it easier for other chapters, community members and partner organizations to share your Live Stream so that it can reach the most viewers.

You can live stream your event via a third-party website or with a third-party service, but keep in mind – advertisements in, on, or around the webcast are not permitted.

Live Stream Management

Your Event Page

As soon as you have the URL for your Live Stream, add it to your event page and Chapter page on Facebook, your event page on the Women’s March Global Community Platform, and if applicable the event page on your Chapter website. If you know you’ll be live streaming your event but are unsure of the URL, add a link to your Facebook page or the url in which your live stream will appear or be promoted so that your followers know when and where to look.

Viewing parties

Live Stream viewing parties are an excellent way to make your Women’s March Event accessible to a larger community. These parties allow you to organize a group of people who are not able to be at your live event, but will be watching it live at another designated venue using your live stream. You're allowed to organize viewing parties around your Women’s March Live Stream, with the following guidelines:

  • Your live stream must be free to all viewers and guests.
  • Please limit advertising around your live stream where possible. You may not advertise inside the live stream. You may not place advertisements on the live stream itself, or the website hosting the live stream.

Live Stream Best Practices

  • Make sure to get shots of the crowd as well as the stage so that the viewers can get a sense of the scale and environment of the event
  • It is helpful to have multiple people shooting live streams at the event so that if one is not working well or isn’t in an ideal location, there are others to choose from at any given time
  • It is important to hold the phone steadily so that the viewers can clearly see the event
  • It is helpful for the live stream to be close to the speakers for both visual and sound quality
  • Be sure to hold the phone Horizontally (landscape), and never Vertically (portrait)
  • Because Live Streams are using data or wifi, it is helpful to turn on your phone’s Personal Hotspot when doing a live stream. Therefore it is ideally someone with unlimited data
  • If using a third party Live Streaming app:
    • Add ‘Lower Thirds’ for the name of the event and the names of speakers when they are speaking if the third party tool has the option to do so. A Lower Thirds template can be found here (link)
    • Add your Chapter logo in top right corner of the live stream if the third party tool has the option to do so

Video Editing

Video editing is an essential piece of a Women’s March Salon or Event, and will be your event’s major takeaway to share with the rest of the world. Therefore, editing the event video(s) is an extremely important and effective step in the process.

Here are some guidelines for you and your video editor:

Find an Editor Early

Make sure you bring an editor on early in the process who will be available to edit your videos shortly after your event. You’re required to upload your Women’s March Event video within one month after your event takes place.

Here are some guidelines for finding a video editor:

  • Ask your event videographer and producers. They may know someone or in fact be able to do so themselves.
  • We recommend that you hire your video editor if it’s in your budget. People who are paid for their work are often more likely to do an exceptional job. If you are able to do so, search for well-reviewed businesses and individuals that provide video editing in your area.

Video Introductions and Logos

Editing your introduction and featuring your Women’s March Chapter logo are two important steps in the editing process.

  • Remove opening greetings and start with the most engaging opening line. Then, establish the space and environment by showing the audience, the stage, and the speaker(s).
  • You’re required to open each video with your officially licensed event logo.

Other Need-to-Knows

Here are a few important notes for your video editor(s):

  • Make sure your editors know that they may not be editing an entire event video. It is helpful to create short content, such as one or two speakers per video, for sharing on social media.
  • When sharing videos on social media, keep in mind that many people may be viewing it on their phone or laptop, and therefore seeing it on a very small screen. Because of this, you should use the most engaging shots you have of the crowd and speaker(s). For speakers, use close-ups or a medium close-up shots if you have them, so that the speakers fill up a large portion of the screen.
  • Remove filler words like “umm”, but do not cut out so many that the video becomes choppy and the edits become distracting.
  • If there is imagery, such as a slideshow, it is helpful to gain access to the digital files so you can cut to the slides.

Rules to remember:

  • Opening and closing graphics: You must open each video with your officially licensed event name and logo. Closing sequences are optional. You may never use the Women’s March or Women’s March Global standalone logo without your unique Chapter name, and you must only use one of your approved Women’s March Chapter logos.
  • Sponsor logos on your videos: Logos of Event Sponsors may only be shown on one slide at the beginning and end of each video. You can feature multiple logos at once on the same slide. Sponsor logos may not appear anywhere else in the video, and should never be larger than your official Women’s March Chapter logo. This slide cannot be longer than 3 seconds.
  • Copyrighted content: Before you upload any video, you must confirm that all the images, music and footage used in your video are cleared for redistribution on YouTube. Securing rights to any copyrighted materials is entirely the responsibility of the Event organizers. Here is information on how copyright claims may affect your videos.

Upload your videos to the Women’s March Global YouTube Channel


There are four steps to uploading your Women’s March Chapter Event's video(s):

  1. Upload your Video(s) using our guidelines below
  2. Write a title and description for each video using our guidelines below
  3. Tag your videos using our guidelines below
  4. Create a YouTube playlist to link on your Women’s March Chapter Page and/or Event Page or add the video to your existing Chapter / Event Playlist on the Women’s March Global Channel

You must upload your Chapter Event videos to the official Women’s March Global Youtube channel within one month of your event. Do not upload your videos anywhere other than the official Women’s March Global YouTube channel. We will put your videos onto the Women’s March Global website on the work-day after your videos have been uploaded to YouTube. As such, videos MUST be properly named and tagged as soon as you upload.

Video Title and Description

Write Titles for each video that would inspire you to click and watch, and write appealing and thorough descriptions that will excite viewers and keep them watching to the end.


Good meta-data can determine the success of failure of any video. When you upload to YouTube, add our required tags and include every relevant tag you can think of.

  • Opening and closing graphics

You must open each Women’s March Talk with your officially licensed Women’s March (approve name) (event type) logo. Closing title cards or videos are welcome, but not required. You may never use the Women’s March logo or Women’s March Global logo without your unique chapter name. Your logo must be clearly separated from any other text or graphics used. We will take down videos that break these rules and require that they be fixed and re-uploaded. If you are unsure about your intro or closing title cards or videos, feel free to send them to me for approval

  • Copyrighted content

Before you upload any video, you must confirm that all the images, music and video clips used in your speakers' presentations are cleared for re-distribution on YouTube. Securing rights to any copyrighted materials is entirely the responsibility of the Women’s March Chapter Event organizer.

  • Sponsor logos on your videos

Sponsor logos may only be shown on one slide at the beginning and end of each video. This slide must be 3 seconds long at maximum and adhere to our official sponsorship slide template.

There may only be a single slide in your video to feature all of your sponsor logos. Sponsor logos may not appear anywhere else in the video. If you have multiple sponsors you must feature all of your sponsor logos on the one slide. Never superimpose your event logo or a sponsor logo over the speaker's talk or slides. Never feature rolling credits.

‣ Slides related to sponsors on your Women’s March Global videos must appear in the following sequence:

  1. General event intro graphics
  2. Your Women’s March Chapter event logo
  3. One Sponsor title card: 3 seconds
  4. Talk/Main Section of Video
    1. Name of speaker, name of event and title of talk fade up in upper left hand corner fade up as talk starts
    2. Name in x font at x side in middle lower third as talk starts
  5. Sponsor title card: 3 seconds or sponsor video post roll
  6. General event post-roll sponsor video as needed

The pre-roll and post-roll sponsor logo slides you display in your videos should use the layout of these templates (versions for 4:3 and 16:9 provided). If you are unable to edit these image files, recreate the layout in your image/slide editor of choice.

If you are featuring multiple sponsor logos sponsor logos must appear smaller than your Women’s March event's logo.


  1. When your video is ready, submit a request for the YouTube credentials via this form:
  2. Title each video in this format (REQUIRED): [Title of Talk]:[Speaker Name (if applicable)]at Women’s March [Chapter Name][Event Name]
  3. If any words in your title included an accented character (i.e., Women’s March Kraków), remove them. These will translated garbled when they are ingested on the Women's March website.
  4. In the description field, describe the talk and the speaker, and paste the following text: this video was filmed at an independently organized Women’s March (name of city) (event type) operated under a free license from Women’s March Global and Women’s March and organized by Women’s March (approved name) Chapter. The views in this talk are that of the local Women’s March chapter and not that of Women’s March Global.
  5. Tag your videos with at least the country, city and the language that the talk was given in, and your official event name and other relevant tags.
  6. Make sure the privacy setting is public ("Share your video with the world")
  7. Build a playlist of all of your videos. Title the playlist in this format: [Event name] - [Date of event] (MM/DD/YY)

Best Practices

  • Double-check that your videos follow our rules
Sponsor slides can’t exceed three seconds. Use only your official logo, with your official name, and separated from other text and graphics. Don’t burn in any logo through the presentation.
  • Upload high quality video files
YouTube accepts a wide variety of video formats, but we recommend following Google’s own guidelines.
  • Write creative headlines
Every talk/event video needs a title. Please include the official name of the event and if it had a theme first. Followed by a description. Make it is something you would click on, but descriptive enough that your viewers know what to expect going in. Cleverness is welcome, when appropriate.
  • Write engaging description
In the description field, begin with 2-3 sentences that detail the content of the talk/event. Don’t give everything away though. Take a look at the way we write copy on every one of our own talk viewing pages for inspiration.
  • Additional required text
Below the description of the talk, include the following text: this video was filmed at an independently organized Women’s March (name of city) (event type) operated under a free license from Women’s March Global and Women’s March and organized by Women’s March (approved name) Chapter. The views in this talk are that of the local chapter and not that of Women’s March Global.
  • Write nice bios
Below the description, include a short 6-7 sentence biography of the speaker(s). Answer the viewer’s question: Why should I trust and listen to this person?
  • Translate your talks
Consider translating your talks or linking up to the open source translation program to dub your videos before they are uploaded.