Social Media Toolkit

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Welcome to the Women’s March Global Social Media Toolkit. Here we’ll share general tips and tricks for using social media within the Women’s March Global Network. While the information presented in this document is considered a suggestion, please ensure that all communications adhere to our Mission and Unity Principles.

We have drafted this toolkit to maximize your local Women’s March Global Chapter social media impact as well as amplify what we do as a Community. The more we work together the stronger both our local actions and our global movement will become.


Goals of Women’s March Global social media pages

  • Communicate with the world about what is going on within your Women’s March Global Chapter and the larger Women’s March Global Network.
  • Educate and raise awareness about current women’s human rights issues taking place around the world.

Women’s March Global social media voice

We are intersectional. We center the voices of women and people of colour. We welcome any and all who are concerned about the state of women’s human rights globally. Keep it friendly, welcoming, and inclusive. We want anyone who is interested in advancing women’s human rights to feel they can engage with our content. When in doubt, give people the benefit of the doubt!

Our target social media audience

  • Everyone who believes that women’s rights are human rights.
  • All kinds of activists — from first-time activists to seasoned, lifelong activists;
  • People seeking to stay informed about resistance movements.

What kinds of things should we post?

  • Amplify local Chapters and partner organisations: We do our best to uplift local actions and key victories.
  • Unity Principle issues: We make an effort to raise awareness on each of these issues as frequently as possible: Disability; Economic Justice / Workers’ Rights; Environment; Health care; Immigration; Indigenous Rights; LGBT+ Rights; Criminal Justice Reform; Police / State Violence; Racial Justice; Sexual Violence.
  • Rapid response: When appropriate, we use our social media to respond to current events and stories that relate to the intersection of women’s human rights and/or our Unity Principles.
  • Coalition Actions: When our Community has formed coalitions to address issues and call for a specific action, we post the work and action of the coalition.

Submitting content for Women's March Global to amplify

We are always looking for global and local issues and campaigns to highlight. We are looking for 3 types of content in particular:

  • Upcoming Events and campaigns
  • Powerful actions (for example, creative resistance, large numbers, collaboration with other groups, or successful campaigns)
  • Global/Local issues that connect to the Unity Principles

To share your action and content with Women’s March Global socials, please direct message (DM) Women’s March Global on its social media platforms.

Twitter: @WomensMarchGbal
Instagram: @WomensMarchGlobal
Facebook: /WomensMarchGlobal

A note on Women's March Global vs. Women's March (U.S.)

Women’s March Global and Women’s March (also known as Women’s March, Inc. or Women’s March U.S.) share a name and an origin point - 21 January 2017. Beyond that, Women's March Global and Women’s March, Inc. are separate organisations with separate funding, separate leadership, and different organisational structures. Most importantly, we have different missions.

Women’s March Global predominantly works outside the United States, representing Chapters all around the world, amplifying and supporting their grassroots work.