Host an Event

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How to Host an Event (Written Instructions)

It takes a lot of work to advance women’s human rights! We’re here to help every step of the way.

7 things to think about as you start planning

  1. Find a venue. Your local community center? the town square? Where are you going to hold this Event?
  2. Get permits. Do you need permission from any legal entities to hold your Event? What about insurance? Start early because these can take awhile.
  3. Security. Do you need roads closed? Special parking? Are there any extreme right-wing groups who might show up? Contact the police to work on a plan.
  4. Dis/ability access. How will differently abled people access your Event? Can you get access to a sign language interpreter? Will you have wheelchair ramps? Make sure your Event accessible to all!
  5. Volunteers. Events take lots of people! Will people need to direct parking? Serve food? Take tickets? What kinds of help will you need? Start recruiting early.
  6. Vendors, Food, & Beverage. Do you need to feed people? Are you doing to sell local wares? Make sure you contact everyone and budget for anything you’ll need to purchase.
  7. Spread the word! Think about how you’re going to notify interested people about your Event. Social media? The local newspaper? Signs? Let people know how they can participate early and often.