Guidelines: Chapter Governance and Roles

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Chapter Governance

  • After the founding 2 year term, a new Women's March Ambassador should be elected by the community with input from the Leadership Team. The Ambassador will act as the city liaisons with Women's March Global for the two-year term.
  • Every 2 years the chapter members should vote to elect a Women's March (name of city) Community Leadership Team - this is the leadership of the chapter. Women's March (name of city).
  • Elections must be as open and transparent as possible and in accordance with country association governance guidelines. If needed the Women’s March Global team would be happy to moderate. Please email [email protected]
  • Chapter Leadership Team should be comprised of 4-5 community members. (This leadership team is flexible depending on size of chapter). The Leadership Team is selected from the community and should be as diverse as possible.
  • All Women's March (name of city) Community Ambassador and Leadership roles are volunteer.
  • Chapter leadership should strive to hold weekly meetings (either in-person or online) to discuss internal strategy. External network and volunteer building meetings should also be held in order to establish local footing within the community.
  • We suggest your Women's March Chapter Leadership include 4-5 of the following positions. It will be up to your local chapter leadership and the activities of your local chapter to decide which of these roles are needed:

Chapter Roles

Women's March <Chapter> Ambassador (Required)

Applies for the chapter license, takes responsibility for the chapter requirements and all chapter activities, is a bridge between Women's March and the local community. Personality traits: organized, humble, leader, mediator

Women's March <Chapter> Co-Ambassador (Optional)

Takes responsibility for the chapter requirements and all chapter activities, is a bridge between Women's March and the local community. Personality traits: organized, humble, leader, mediator

Women's March <Chapter> Communications Coordinator

Oversees all social media, web properties, email lists, newsletter, updates and communications. Personality traits: digital, communicator, tech savvy, responsive

Women's March <Chapter> Community Coordinator

Tracks and ensures all new community members are welcomed, added to chapter’s email lists, local Google groups, etc. Personality traits: connector, communicator.

Women's March <Chapter> Community Event Producer

Oversees, organizes, tracks and communicates all activities, marches, events and salon. (Either the Event Coordinator or the Chapter Ambassador may take out an official Women's March Event License. See list here) Personality traits: organized, personable, communicator, planner

Women's March <Chapter> Community Treasurer

Tracks chapter's finances. Personality traits: finance-oriented

Women's March <Chapter> Partnerships/Sponsorships

Raises money for chapter community activities. The person in this role must collaborate and communicate regularly with individuals raising money for other Women’s March Chapters in the region. Personality traits: sales-oriented, connections to local partners and sponsors. Collaborative with Women's March Global and other Women’s March Chapters in region.

Women's March <Chapter> Community Ideator

Tracks anything interesting happening in the community or the broader community. Is constantly inventing interesting, new activities and actions for the community chapter. Personality traits: Connector, communicator, creative, locally connected and focused.

Women's March <Chapter> Community Connector

Reaches out to other communities, builds bridges with in other communities, set up join themed events with other chapters, works with like minded chapters around the world to build a ground swell around key issues and themes her chapter is taking action on. Encourage other chapters to host events on the same day around the same theme as their chapter. Personality traits: Organised, communicator, globally connected and focused, community driven

Women's March <Chapter> Community Storyteller

Tracks cool and interesting stories happening both in their community of and the broader community. Post these stories to their local Chapter’s Medium or blog and submit stories and videos to the Women's March Global video portal for review. Submit community stories to the Women's March Medium publication by one of two ways:

  1. Create a Medium account, write your story and submit your story to the publication: Women’s March Global.
  2. Submit your story to [email protected]

Please visit WMG Medium Publication Guidelines for further details on publication guidelines. Personality traits: Writer, storyteller, great editor, community connector

Women's March <Chapter> Volunteer

Helps the chapter leadership execute various needs, actions and events.

Women's March <Chapter> Member

The fabric of any successful Chapter is its engaged and active membership. Whilst Members may not assume leadership roles they are no less important in a grassroots organization.