Core Event Types

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A March is a public gathering to bring attention to a specific issue or issues. The main purpose of a march is public awareness, which can be connected to specific actions such as policy change. A March starting point and end point usually have significance and direct relation to the issues being addressed, such as government buildings, embassies, corporate headquarters, etc. Most Marches either begin, end, or are bookended by a Rally with live speakers.


An Action is a direct and physical act to promote and catalyze specific changes in your community and governance. Actions can be organized through your Huddle, School, Chapter or Community. Here are some examples of Actions:

  • Sit-in
  • Strike
  • Walkout
  • Rally
  • Community Service
  • Meeting with members of your government
  • Guest Speaker
  • Booth


A Salon is an intimate gathering, a “convening” with 100 or fewer people that should occur frequently, monthly or quarterly.

The purpose of a Women's March Salon is to foster an understanding of Women's March, highlight local innovation and impact stories in your region and keep the community connected between the less frequent larger local events and Women's March Summits.

Women's March Salons should strive to discover and present great local speakers in the community to speak on key issues. All salons have at least one live speaker.


A vigil is an informal gathering or meetup in respect of a specific issue, cause or tragedy. A Vigil is usually held in the evening at a public space and are often held at a location relevant to the specifics of the Vigil.

  • If appropriate, attendees can bring candles. Phone lights are a good and safe alternative.
  • If small enough, it is recommended that speakers not use a megaphone to keep the Vigil intimate.


A Huddle is a gathering of a small group of friends, family, neighbors and fellow organizers, providing a guide and a space to meet. Your role as a Chapter leader and/or huddle host is a critical part of how we keep the Women's March spirit alive, build the movement beyond those who marched, and set a concrete plan of action.


A Women’s March Conference is a large, potentially multi-day event focused on a number of issues of interest to the local community. There will be main speakers or discussions as well as smaller, more specific issue-based breakout discussions with speakers. Your Conference can be organized with other Chapters in your country or region and/or with partner organizations as well.