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Start a Women’s March Chapter in your city now and join a network of passionate individuals and communities advancing women’s human rights everywhere. Below are some guidelines to get you started!

Starting a Chapter

Why Start a Women's March Global Chapter?

We believe change begins in our own communities: talking to a neighbor, coming together to solve a town or village issue, having tough discussions, or helping someone in need. We invite you to take action in your own community. What do YOU want to change? Start a Women’s March Chapter in your city and join a network of passionate individuals and communities advancing women’s human rights everywhere.

As a Women’s March Global Chapter you’ll get support from the Women’s March Global Team and access to resources and toolkits to help you organise Events and take action in your village, town, or city. You’ll be the official representatives of Women’s March Global in your area, running your Chapter independently under a free license from Women’s March Global.

How to Apply

Starting your Chapter is simple.

  1. Apply. Fill out this short form. As Chapter Ambassador, you’ll need to also agree to a minimal level of commitment to get your Chapter up and running. Note: the title of Chapter Ambassador does not necessarily imply that you are the sole leader of the Chapter - you are simply the individual who is applying to start the Chapter and will have access to appointing other leadership members once approved.
  2. Name your Chapter. The founding Women's March Global Chapter in any city will hold its city name.

If you are the founding Chapter in your city, we ask that you act as an initial leader and collaborate with other team members, local Chapters, and local organisations.

If you are applying for a Women’s March Global Chapter as part of your college, school, or university, you may use the name of your school. For example, Women’s March OxfordU Chapter or Women’s March Sorbonne Chapter. However, you must involve at least one faculty member, and speak with your school about whether you need their approval to use the school’s name.

Naming Your Chapter

Your Women’s March Global Chapter is named after the city or town you live in or the university, college, or school you attend. Make sure your Chapter name and brand follow the Women's March Global Brand and Communications Guidelines to help build our Global community.

Values + Purpose

Your Chapter and its activities should strive to embody the mission and spirit of Women’s March Global, creating a community that positively impacts your city, region, country, and the greater Women's March Global network.

Chapters and their activities are powered by volunteers and must never be driven by personal, religious, or commercial agendas. All Chapter activities should focus on generating impact and change in your local cities and regions, and all actions should be driven by consensus among the members and supporters of your Chapter..

Chapter Goals

Each Chapter’s goal is to:

  • Advance women’s human rights in your local community with a focus on those most marginalised
  • Create and facilitate a more engaged community
  • Connect with like-minded community partners and leaders
  • Encourage and ensure diversity and intersectionality
  • Continue growing your chapter both internally and externally.
  • Host meaningful discussions and actions
  • Be diverse, open, and accepting to all voices and ideas that support Women’s March Global's mission

Chapter Ambassador Terms

The Women’s March Global Chapter Ambassador is an important leadership role in every Chapter. As Chapter Ambassador, you hold the rights to head the Women's March Global Chapter in your local region or city for a two-year term. Each Women's March Chapter Ambassador should agree to all terms in the Women's March Global Chapter Ambassador Engagement Agreement.

At the end of a two-year term as Chapter Ambassador, you’ll need to assist with the transition to new Chapter leadership and Chapter license renewal. Once the two-year term is complete and the new leadership team is in place, the original Chapter Ambassador will assume a Women's March Global (City Name) Senior Ambassador title.

Additional Roles and Responsibilities

As the Women's March Global Chapter Ambassador you are encouraged to:

  • Assume the title of Chapter Ambassador and all the responsibility that comes with that position.
  • Set up a transparent voting process to elect the Women's March Chapter Leadership Team. See Chapter Governance and Recommended Best Practices and Voting Guidelines.
  • Identify an existing nonprofit or start a nonprofit organisation to run Chapter activity funding through. The nonprofit may not use the Women's March Global or include the words “Women's March” or any words or acronyms associated with Women's March Global.
  • Set up transparent budgeting and finances.
  • Play a leadership role in your Chapter and in your community during your two-year term.
  • Facilitate all Women's March Global Chapter activities and Events.
  • Foster a spirit of inclusiveness and collaboration within your sister Women’s March Global Chapters in your city.
  • Foster a spirit of collaboration with Chapters in your country and around the world.
  • Foster a spirit of inclusiveness and collaboration with like-minded organisations, and encourage them to join our community platform.
  • Consider adopting or mentoring a sister Chapter.
  • Manage your list of community members.
  • Help initiate, support, and promote Women's March Global activities, women's events and global actions in your city, country, and region.
  • Work with the Chapter Leadership Team to set up and manage the Chapter website, Medium stories, newsletter, and social media properties for your community.
  • Work with the Chapter Leadership Team to track and highlight through social media and the Women's March Global Medium Channel stories from your Chapter and country. It is your responsibility as the head of your community to ensure that your Chapter stays aware and connected to issues related to women’s rights, capturing the stories of local actions and projects in the greater community, region, and country. Posting to the Women’s March Global Medium Publication and developing a content strategy is an integral part of creating an interconnected grassroots network of ideas whose reach expands across the globe.
  • Reach out to other Chapters to encourage them to take out Event applications for key issues that your Chapter is acting on and want to create a local, regional, or global groundswell around. Agree on a shared date, theme, and hashtag for these actions. The more Chapters that join you in your Event, the greater the success.
  • Join the Women’s March Global Wiki to share resources.
  • Join regular regional Chapter Ambassador calls - email [email protected] for more information.

Chapter License Renewal

After the initial start period each September or October of every even-numbered year, a new Women's March Global Chapter Ambassador will be elected from within the membership of the Chapter.


Women's March Global will leave it up to you and your Chapter to create practices that work best for your region and country. Please keep in mind that the process, structure, and governance of your Chapter should be open, transparent, and democratic. The goal is to keep your community as flat, inclusive, and dynamic as possible. See Women's March Global suggestions for setting up your Chapter’s governance and suggested leadership roles and responsibilities.


Your Chapter is part of your local community, but it’s also a part of the Global community. Branding helps build your Chapter’s brand and provide clarity in the Global network. Review the Women's March Global Brand and Communications Guidelines to get started. We’ve developed these Guidelines to help you and your community. Following these Guidelines will make our shared brand stronger: locally, regionally, and globally.

Your Women’s March Global Chapter logo is used to brand and market your Chapter. Your individual Chapter logo will contain the Women’s March Global mark, the Women’s March Global name and your specific Chapter name.

Make sure you are using your own approved Women’s March Global Chapter logo to brand your Chapter and Events. It should also be used for your Chapter’s social media accounts and included on all outbound communications, PR, and marketing. You may not use the Women's March Global as a stand alone logo.

Chapter Name

You should use your approved Women’s March Global Chapter name, and not just Women’s March or Women's March Global. The name of your Chapter needs to be written as Women’s March (City Name), with a space between Women’s March and your City Name.

Sponsors + Funding


Your Chapter’s activities are organised and run by volunteers with the key mission to support and build a vibrant global community, not to make a profit. So while you may charge a nominal fee to cover costs for Chapter activities, any profit raised as a result of these fees should be reinvested in your future Chapter activities.

In the rare case that your country’s laws insist you charge a membership fee for Chapters, this should be a nominal fee. Make sure you have a subsidy system in place for those that are unable to pay the fee, no matter how small it might be.


Women’s March Global Chapter Ambassadors decide exactly how they want to manage their money, since rules and practices vary by country and region. Please note that your Chapter and Events cannot make money. While you can raise money to offset operational costs, all excess funds raised should go back to support future Events. Make sure you find out what policies exist for money management in your region. Chapters may anticipate the annual cost of operations, create a budget, and raise funds from local sponsors and individuals to cover costs.


The Chapter Ambassador and Leadership Team should collaborate and communicate fundraising plans with any other Women’s March Global Chapters in their country. Chapter Ambassadors and Leadership Teams in each city should work on a joint strategy to approach partners and sponsors.


Your sponsors may not drive the agenda of your Chapter, its activities, or its content.

Fundraising and Sponsorship Best Practices

Use these best practices as a guide when fundraising and seeking sponsorship:

  • Where possible, find local partners/sponsors, not global companies, to support your Chapter activities. If a global sponsor is willing to sponsor your Chapter or Event, please email [email protected]
  • Identify partners and sponsors who will support your Chapter with in-kind investment or participation.
  • Collaborate on your fundraising and grant-writing efforts with other Chapters in your region and country. You may be a lot more successful as a united front. If you need support in writing grants, email us a [email protected]
  • All sponsors should be in line with the Women's March Global Unity Principles, and should not expect promotion of their social, political, or business interests in exchange for their support. Funding allocated within grant structures whereupon specific requirements exist is allowed but must be approved by Women's March Global. Please email [email protected]
  • Should sponsors or partners undertake actions that are in any way connected to your Women’s March Global Chapter, you must ensure they are in keeping with the mission and principles of Women’s March Global and your local Chapter. Such actions may be cross-promoted. In all cases, the sponsorship agreement must be disclosed transparently to the community in advance.
  • Add partner/sponsor resources and presentations to the shared Women’s March Global Wiki.
  • If possible, sponsors and individuals should pay vendors directly or find a fiscal sponsor to manage the accounting.

Unacceptable Sponsors

Weapon manufacturers, tobacco companies, alcohol companies, politicians, companies that violate World Health Organisation codes of marketing, PAC-type organisations, and religious organisations are not allowed to act as sponsors for Women's March Global Chapter Events or in association with the Women's March Global brand. All sponsors should be in line with the Women's March Global Unity Principles.

Social Media

Social media pages and online platforms allow us to connect and communicate with the world. We can share what is going on within the Global community and take part in emerging conversations. Social posts can help educate and mobilise people around the issues in our Women's March Global Unity Principles. Review the full Social Media Guidelines to learn how to best use your social media pages.

Best Practices

Respect other people’s opinions. Avoid profanity, offensive statements, illegal content, unwanted solicitations and anything else that might otherwise violate members of the community. We ask that you stay focused on issues related to women’s rights, avoiding self-promotion or the promotion of companies and initiatives that do not align with the Women's March Global mission. PACs or political organisations may not use the Women’s March Global platform or Women's March Global Chapter Events to promote their agenda.

Tools and Platforms

Online platforms and social media help communicate your message. Your Women’s March Global Chapter may set up any of the following properties:

  • REQUIRED: Dedicated Women's March Global Chapter page.
  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Tumblr
  • Region-specific social media tools
  • YouTube in connection with your Event video playlists
  • Other new properties or channels as they emerge


All social media properties belong to the Women's March Global Chapter. The Women's March Global Chapter Ambassador should take out all social media properties and provide admin access to one or more individuals on the Chapter’s Leadership Team. At the end of the two-year term, all properties must be handed over to the the new Chapter Leadership Team.

If the Women's March Global Chapter license ends or is revoked for any reason all social media properties become the property of Women's March Global.

Guidelines for Tools and Platforms

Facebook: We encourage you to use a Facebook page to promote your Chapter and connect your members. Your Chapter’s Facebook page allows you to share Women’s March Global news and updates and engage in dialogue with your local community. Key individuals on your Chapter’s Leadership Team should be invited in as admin. Your Facebook page name will mirror the approved name of your Women's March Global Chapter.

Twitter: We encourage you to take out a Twitter account for your Women's March Global Chapter. This will add the voice of your Chapter to the global conversation, amplifying the work of the global community. The name of your Twitter handle should mirror your approved Chapter name in our recommended format, for example, @WM(City Name).

Instagram: We encourage you to take out an Instagram account for your Women's March Global Chapter. You can share a visual representation of the movement through photos, artwork, and graphics. The name of the handle should mirror the approved name of your Chapter in our recommended format, for example, @WM(City name).

Email lists: Chapter email lists are the property of the Chapter and should be used only to promote or communicate information about Women's March Global Chapter events and activities.

PR & Media

The Women’s March Chapter Ambassador is the spokesperson of the Chapter and is the only one who may represent and talk about Women’s March Global Chapters and local Events with local press.

News Releases: All news releases on a country level require Women's March Global approval before release. For approval, please email your draft to [email protected] When writing your news release, make sure to include the short paragraph describing Women's March Global. We will aim to turn this around in 36 hours.

Resources: The Women’s March Global Wiki is a great place to share resources and best practices created by all of you. There is no reason to reinvent the wheel. Less resourced Chapters will greatly benefit from resources that other Chapters have created, so please take the time to upload documents to our shared commons.

Live Stream

Your Chapter may organise viewing parties around content that is live streamed from Women's March Global or around their Events. These viewing parties may be informal or branded as a Women's March (City Name) (Event Type). A small fee may be charged to cover the cost of food only.

You can also live stream your own Event to the Global community. For more information on how to get started, read through the live stream guidelines here.

Chapter Website

Your Chapter will have its own page on the Women’s March Global site. You may also choose to operate a dedicated website for your Chapter.

If you choose to create a standalone web page for your Chapter, please review the guidelines below.

Website - Self-Hosted

You can choose to host your Women's March Global Chapter website on an external service. It should include the following:

  • Your approved Chapter name and logo
  • A link back to the Women's March Global home page
  • A link to language options
  • A clear link to the section of the site that describes what Women's March Global is
  • This explanation of your Women’s March Chapter: What is Women's March (City Name)?: Women's March (City Name) is a local Chapter and community organization of Women's March Global. Women’s March Global Chapters are independent and operate under an independent license from Women’s March Global.
  • A footer with the following language: This Women’s March (City Name) Chapter is operated as an independent entity under license from Women's March Global and Women’s March.
  • A promotional area for Women's March Global programs, local affiliate and partners organizations, regional activities, and national activities
  • About page: In addition to general info about your Chapter, your site is required to include the following in a dedicated About section:

What is Women's March Global: Women’s March Global empowers communities, organizations and individuals to start Chapters, take action, organize events, mentor, and learn. Women's March Global Chapters are run independently, under a free license from Women's March Global. Women's March Global is the global sister organization of Women’s March.

What is Women's March (City Name) Chapter: Women's March (City Name) is a local Chapter and community organization of Women's March Global. Women’s March Chapters operate under an independent license from Women’s March Global.

  • Sponsors: Create a dedicated page on your Chapter’s website to list your sponsors, partners, and supporters. Make sure to link to this page from your Chapter’s global navigation. Your sponsor logos may not appear on the homepage of your Chapter website. Your partners and sponsors may not promote their agenda at Women’s March Global events or on the Women’s March Global platform.
  • Additional website guidelines: See Women's March Global Brand & Communication Guidelines