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# Get involved with Women’s March Global and follow us on social media
# Get involved with Women’s March Global and follow us on social media
## Instagram: @womensmarchglobal
## Instagram: [http://instagram.com/womensmarchglobal @womensmarchglobal]
## Twitter: @WM_Global
## Twitter: [https://twitter.com/WM_Global @WM_Global]
## Facebook: @womensmarchglobal
## Facebook: [https://www.facebook.com/womensmarchglobal/ @womensmarchglobal]
## Medium: [https://Medium.com/womens-march-global @womens-march-global]
=== #WomensWave Event Types ===
=== #WomensWave Event Types ===

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On January 19th and 20th, 2019, people across the globe will march for the rights, freedom, and justice for women and allies everywhere in the #WomensWave. Women’s March Global is proud to announce upcoming marches on the anniversary of 2017’s groundbreaking Women’s March where 6 million people around the world marched for women’s rights and freedoms.

There have numerous marches scheduled around the world including Rome, Kampala, Barcelona, Zurich, Ottawa, Frankfurt, Johannesburg, Stockholm, Kingston, Lusaka, Sydney, and Dunedin, with more to be announced before January 19, 2019. Women’s March Global, in alliance with its worldwide Chapters, has set the event’s theme to end gender-based violence. The World Health Organization (WHO) reports that 1 in 3 women worldwide have experienced either physical or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime. This alarming statistic is what drives Women’s March Global and their communities to bring attention to the issue, understand its prevalence around the world and develop action-oriented solutions and steps that will enable women to have a voice, and ultimately contribute to their peace and safety.

ABOUT WOMEN’S MARCH GLOBAL Women’s March Global empowers communities, organisations and individuals to start Chapters, take action, organise events and learn. Women's March Global community chapters are run independently, under a free license from Women's March Global.


Global - in cities around the world. See our updated list (updated weekly) on our Global Platform


Because the violence that women experience on a daily basis is a worldwide issue and must end. Because women and girls are tired of having their bodies and rights policed.

The World Health Organization (WHO), indicates that about 1 in 3 (35%) of women worldwide have experienced either physical and/or sexual intimate partner violence or non-partner sexual violence in their lifetime.

Violence against women goes beyond the interpersonal, direct violence that is captured in gender-based violence research and advocacy like domestic abuse, rape, femicides. The institutional, indirect, and state-sanctioned violence is also at the core of the misogynist world that Women’s March Global is fighting.

Violence against women is pervasive throughout the world. It is a complex web of social norms, institutional practices, and cultural values that weaves its way through the entirety of women’s lives.

According to the UN Special Rapporteur on violence against women, institutional or structural violence is ‘any form of structural inequality or institutional discrimination that maintains a woman in a subordinate position, whether physical or ideological, to other people within her family, household or community’.

Research suggests that women with disabilities are more likely to experience domestic violence, emotional abuse, and sexual assault than women without disabilities. In 2012, 1.3 million violent crimes—including rape and physical assault—occurred against people with disabilities and that number has been steadily increasing since 2008, making people with disabilities one of the most harmed groups in the United States.


Steps to Organize Your #WomensWave Event

  1. Use the Global Platform to sign up as a Member or Chapter and start your event.
  2. Use the graphics and press releases to help coordinate messaging for your event.
  3. Find resources below from Media Advisories, to Graphics, and links.
  4. Spread the word.
  5. Create posters, post on social media and spread the news with word-of-mouth sharing your event link on the Global Platform.
    1. Use the hashtag #WomensWave. Put out a press release announcing your action. Find a sample release in the Resource section below.
  6. Get involved with Women’s March Global and follow us on social media
    1. Email: [email protected]
    2. Instagram: @womensmarchglobal
    3. Twitter: @WM_Global
    4. Facebook: @womensmarchglobal
    5. Medium: @womens-march-global

#WomensWave Event Types

  1. ACTION: An Action is a direct and physical act to promote and catalyse specific changes in your community and in governance. Some Action suggestions:
    1. A letter writing campaign to your local elected officials regarding a particular local, regional, or national policy that allows for is a loophole for perpetrators of violence against women
    2. Hold a food or supplies drive for a local center that gives help to and/or supports victims of domestic violence
    3. Create artwork or set up a "facts display" in a public space to engage your community on the local, national, and global statistics of violence against women
    4. Partner with local businesses so that part of their profits for the day go to support crisis centers that help victims of domestic violence, sexual assault, or another organization that helps victims of sex trafficking or refugees who are victims of gender-based violence as a weapon of war.
  2. CONFERENCE: a large, potentially multi-day ticketed event focused on a number of issues of interest to the local community. Some Conference suggestions:
    1. Plan a day or two of round tables and panel discussions in your region for women to come and learn about the multiple areas where women face violence.
  3. HUDDLE: a gathering of a small group of friends, family, neighbours and fellow organisers, providing a guide and a space to meet. Some Huddle suggestions:
    1. Hold a weekly reading group for the month of January around the theme violence against women - read articles, novels, or academic books about the issue. The more specific the issue the better this might work.
    2. Hold a live-stream watching party and watch live streams of the Anniversary Events all around the world!
  4. SALON: an intimate gathering, a “convening” with 100 or fewer people that includes one or more live speakers. Some Salon suggestions:
    1. Hold a panel discussion on violence against women in your local or regional area, or in your nation more broadly. Invite women to speak whom you know are involved in these issues, whether as volunteers, as heads of organizations, as academics or teachers, or as local leaders.
  5. VIGIL: an informal gathering or meetup in respect of a specific issue, cause, or tragedy. Some Vigil Suggestions:
    1. Hold a vigil for victims of gender-based violence. This could be person specific - perhaps there are women or women-identified persons who have been killed recently in your local area. This could be issue-specific - for example, victims of domestic violence, or victims of gender-based violence as a weapon of war. This could be abstract - for the estimated [xx] women or women-identified persons who will die from gender-based violence in 2019.

Forms of Violence That Women Experience

  • Intimate Partner Violence
  • Femicide
  • Sexual Assault
  • Abortion
  • Economic violence
  • Incarceration
  • Female Genital Mutilation
  • Child Marriage
  • Migrant, Refugee, and Undocumented Women
  • Islamophobia
  • Sex Trafficking
  • Dowry
  • Trans Violence
  • Acid Attacks
  • Violence & Indigenous Women

Violence against women-related topics you can consider holding your Event around to raise awareness:

  • laws and policies that defend perpetrators or allow them to get away with their crimes
  • the lack of reporting at all, but especially to formal institutions

After your Anniversary Event




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Women's March Global #WomensWave Information

U.N. Women: Facts & Figures: Ending Violence Against Women

Geneva Declaration: Lethal Violence Against Women & Girls

Media Releases

File:WMG - Second Anniversary Announcement.pdf

File:-WomensWave Media Advisory Chapters - Final - locked - Google Docs.pdf

File:WomensWave Global Sample NR3 .pdf