Selecting a Theme for your Event

The theme of your March, Action, Huddle, Vigil or Salon is as important, as the overall event branding. It is important you select a simple theme and fill out the theme, on the event, huddle, salon, march application form. This key to the global community understanding what you are convening around. It is also the way you will enable, inspire and engage other like-minded chapters to join your action and take it from a local to the global movement. The global community will be able to search your theme and see all other chapters organizing events around your theme. It is your job to encourage other Chapters to sign up to hold actions and events with the same theme to grow your movement.

Theme and Hashtag should be simple and complimentary.

Here is a list of examples of previous themes of Women’s March Global Actions, Marches, Huddles, and Salons:

This would go on the theme section of your event application form:

For example for a huddle: Name: Women’s March Paris Huddle Theme: Ban the Bomb

For example for an Action Name: Women’s March Paris Action Theme: Ban the Bomb

For a march: Name: Women’s March Paris (no qualifier) Theme: Ban the Bomb

For a Salon: Name: Women’s March Paris Salon Theme: Ban the Bomb

Previous Themes

  • March for Science
  • Enough
  • MeToo
  • G20 Action
  • Dyke and Pride
  • What Women Demand Reset
  • Tampax
  • Netherlands Election
  • French Election
  • UK Election
  • Global Divestment in Partnership with
  • 45 in Rome, Paris, Brussels, Israel Protests
  • UK Responses to attacks
  • Paris Climate Agreement Resistance Collaboration Tweetstorm
  • Fearless Cities
  • Ban The Bomb
  • They Are Us Refugee
  • Feed the Resistance
  • Pride Marches/Dyke
  • National Homelessness Week
  • Season of Love
  • doing great work around the world
  • Life In Leggings
  • Allah Loves Equality
  • Jarawa
  • Feminist Fest
  • New Zealand Election
  • Int Day of Peace
  • Int Day for Safe and Legal Access to Abortions
  • Possible Global Meetup in October
  • Postcard
  • Hear Our Voice
  • A Day Without a Woman
  • Reflect and Resist
  • Hear Our Vote
  • We Belong Together
  • Let’s Talk - Why We Resist
  • May Day - Beyond the Moment
  • Pledge of Liberation
  • Women For Syria
  • Missing Girls Awareness