Host a March

How to Host a March

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How to Host a March (Written Instructions)

It takes a lot of work to advance women’s human rights! We’re here to help every step of the way.

7 things to think about as you start planning

  1. Plan your route. Where is your starting point and ending point? Is it a reasonable distance? Think through all your options.
  2. Get permits. Ask your local authorities what permissions you need to march. Are you going to hold a rally? You’ll need permits for that, too. Start early as these can take a while.
  3. Security. You’ll need roads closed and routes marked off. Are there any extreme right-wing groups who might show up? Contact the police to work on a plan.
  4. Dis/ability access. How will differently-abled people access your March? Is the route manageable? Will you have special access points? What about a sign language interpreter for the rally? Make sure your Event accessible to all!
  5. Volunteers. Events take lots of people! You’ll need Information personnel along the route and backstage hands at the rally. What other kinds of help will you need? Start recruiting early.
  6. The Rally. Will you need speakers? Audio equipment? A stage? Plan out your program and make a list for each step.
  7. Spread the word! Think about how you’re going to notify interested people about your Event. Social media? The local newspaper? Signs? Let people know how they can participate early and often.